The Ultimate Winter Fruit Salad

Simplicity, seasonality and saludable, three words that define the ultimate winter salad I put together this past weekend.

It all started when my friend gave me four gorgeous pomegranates from her tree. She had so many I kept finding pom sculptures around her house. I happily took them off her hands. The next day I had to throw together a dish for a potluck and needed to use the pomegranates asap as they were fully ripe. I already had oranges so I  ran to the market and  picked up persimmons  and mint. I figured it was all in in season so I couldn’t go wrong. I sliced the persimmons with the long side of a cheese grater and cut the oranges supreme (pith-free) style, added very loosely chopped mint and splashed some fresh squeezed lime juice mixed with a touch of agave. It was the best wintery fruity zingy salad I’ve ever had and seriously don’t know why people aren’t serving this all winter.

This salad gives you life.

Persimmons increase your metabolism. Go figure! It’s winter and we naturally tend to eat more hearty foods and here come persimmons to balance that out by increasing our metabolism.

Oranges boost immunity and no better time to do that than during cold and flu season.

Pomegranates have super anti-oxidant powers and decrease inflammation, the source of most illness. Bottom line: Eat this superfood while it’s in season!





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