Join the Campaign to Get Milk Out of School Lunches

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve been busy with life, kids and lots of good work.  Recently, I joined a small but mighty movement here in San Francisco

22228234_10159286791950231_8475293989459238709_nled by Seed the Commons to get milk out of school lunches and bring awareness to the detrimental affects the dairy industry is having on our children. We hosted a counter-celebration to World School Milk Day, a day the dairy industries uses to manipulate communities into believing milk is uniquely engineered by nature to meet children’s nutritional requirements, and in turn shifting communities away from their indigenous plant-based foods, the original source of calcium.

I was a guest speaker at the counter-celebration and shared my experience with removing dairy from my family’s diet. The event was a kick off to a year-long campaign to bring more education to families and communities about how the dairy industry functions and the health consequences of dairy consumption. We will be hosting more events over the next nine months and are looking for folks who are interested in learning more and getting involved . Please email and visit Seed the Commons and Crack in The System.


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