La Morena Cashew Crema

I was inspired to finally make cashew crema which is basically sour cream made from cashews. I used the recipe in Decolonize Your Diet and loved the simplicity of it so much that I started experimenting with creating different flavored cremas using the three base ingredients: cashews, water and limes. To switch it up, I started with adding cilantro for an herbed flavored crema. The second one I tried, I left out the lime juice and added some vanilla and maple syrup for a sweet crema which I drizzle over fruit for my babes and sometimes add chia seeds for a pudding-like dessert.  But my favorite one of all time, the one I make the most and the one that I can eat everyday, is a chipotle flavored crema made with La Morena chipotles in adobo . It’s smoky, spicy and a tad bit sweet. It’s good with everything – dip for raw veggies, in place of mayo in a potato salad, sandwich spread, and on everything where a tortilla is involved. You can adjust the consistency of the crema by adjusting the amount water. Play around with the ingredients and adjust everything to your taste and texture preference.


2 cups of cashews (soak overnight or at least for an hour before blending)

2 entire chipotles in adobo (adjust to spice preference)

Juice of 3 limes (adjust to preference)

1 cup of water and keep adding more to get the texture you prefer

Blend all ingredients together and add salt. This should stay fresh in your fridge for at least 10 days. Enjoy!



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