Cilantro & Fresas : A Match Made in Heaven


It makes me super happy knowing you’re all finding the Yerba Buena Salad easy to make and eating lots more greens. I have been receiving lots of photos from family and friends who have made the salad and  Aguacate Mousse. Thank you for sharing your pics with me. I love them. It really does inspire me. Keep em’ coming!

In an effort to take advantage of strawberry season and impress my family at our 4th of July party, I came up with this new combo. I had an idea stirring for combining strawberry and purple kale. I started racking my mental food diary for herbs that would pair well with both. I considered basil and tarragon but thought that might work well with my more adventurous foodie friends in San Francisco but not so much with my family in San Jose.  Then it came to me. Cilantro! Of course! Why not? We eat it all the time. It’s the perfect contrast to sweet strawberries and blends well with kale.

Not only was the salad gorgeous, but it was also delicious and refreshing. My family loved it. The adults couldn’t stop praising me for the use of cilantro and the kids loved it for the strawberries. Whatever works. I was just so happy to see lots of fresh raw veggies on their plates.



1 large bunch of purple kale

1 ½  bag of green baby Kale

2 clams of organic strawberries

2 bunches of cilantro

1/2 a cup of pumpkin seeds

Dressing: Equal parts maple syrup and fresh squeezed lime juice. I added cinnamon to this dressing to bring out the flavor and sweetness in the strawberries.

Prep your kale by massaging and chopping to your preference. The green baby kale should be used in its whole leaf form (no chopping) just make sure it’s rinsed. Rinse and chop cilantro. Slice the strawberries to your preference. I like to cut mine in halves for chunkier bites. Add all greens and pumpkin seeds to large salad bowl, add ½ the dressing and toss. Then add strawberries, the rest of the dressing and toss once more. Top with a few more pumpkin seeds.



One Comment Add yours

  1. Maria Garcia-Manns says:

    Had my salads mixed up there. This was so good Tamaya!


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