Yerba Buena Salad with Sweet Summer Peaches

This popular salad happened by accident. I spent an evening cooking a very involved vegan meal. This dish called for
Rainbow Fruitlots of cabbage, greens and herbs. We had tons of left overs the next day.  I had a potluck to attend by noon and of course I over slept and didn’t have time to run to the market. I did what Mamas do best, make it work. I chopped up all the leftover greens, added a huge amount of fresh mint (yerba buena), sliced mangos (because that’s what was left in our fruit bowl), and concocted a last minute dressing. Seriously, this is how this salad came together. Now, every party I go to people ask me to bring this salad.  Here is a very loose recipe that should be interpreted by your family’s fruit and green leaf preferences. What you should never leave out is the yerba buena and simple two ingredient dressing.

Ingredients (organic produce whenever possible):

1 Bunch of Kalekale chard

1 Bunch of Rainbow Chard

1 Medium Head of Purple Cabbage

6 Sliced Sweet Peaches

2 Bunches of Yerba Buena (Mint)

Dressing: Mix together equal parts maple syrup and fresh squeezed lime juice

About the greens…have you ever heard of massaged kale? It’s kind of a thing. When I first tried it I realized that it definitely deserves to be a thing. It makes the very fibrous leaves easier to chew so you can focus on the flavor of the leaf and all the other ingredients in the dish. It’s easy and fun to massage greens. Yes, fun! Especially for kids who love to be in the kitchen. Remove the green leaves off the stem, roll up the leaves and begin to massage with both hands until you feel them soften up. Keep them rolled and chop thinly crosswise.Chop the cabbage like you would a chunky coleslaw. Peach Salad 2For the mint, remove the leaves off the stem, stack leaves, roll into tight litlle bundles and slice crosswise with the best knife you have.

Add kale, chard, mint and cabbage to large salad bowl. Toss with the dressing.  Top with sliced peaches. If you have dressing leftover sprinkle over peaches.

Bring this to any potluck. You will become very popular. Enjoy!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Maria Garcia-Manns says:

    I loved the salad! I will be making and taking for my in-laws Thanksgiving dinner!


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