Hello World!

I’m excited to begin sharing my journey living a compassionate and plant based lifestyle with my two beautiful children. I have been moving toward a vegan lifestyle for several years now. Five months ago I decided to take the final leap and rid my diet of the few animal products I was still consuming, mostly dairy. In many ways it has simplified my life and at the same time opened up a world of culinary possibilities. I’ve had the best time reinterpreting our traditional Latino dishes and sharing them with family and friends. I’ve never felt healthier or more optimistic about life in general.

My goal is to inspire others to reclaim their health through whole, organic and nutrient rich foods, while building awareness of how our collective food choices can heal our planet.

I hope you will visit, try out my simple recipes, ask questions, share your knowledge and be encouraged to venture into this happy green life with us.




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  1. brightvegan says:

    I’m so excited about your blog! I love Spanish dishes and look forward to vegan versions of traditional dishes. Congratulations on your blog. With your passion and determination, you are headed in the right direction! I look forward to reading more Tamaya!


    1. Thank you BrightVegan. I am so inspired by your approach to life. I’m thrilled we connected. Hugs!


  2. welcome to the blogosphere. Enjoy!


    1. Thank you so much. I am thrilled to begin this new part of my journey. Blessings to you and yours!


  3. Sandina Robbins says:

    Inspiring! I love how you infuse your recipes and writing with so much color, flavor and commitment to your and your family’s health. I’m sharing your blog with my family, and looking forward to the book release party. I’ve got the DJ on tap.

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